Beauty of Juliet X Faire

by Stacy Richardson

We are so delighted to announce that Beauty of Juliet has officially entered into a partnership with Faire, one of the top two-sided marketplace and wholesale platform that helps retailers find and buy unique wholesale merchandise for their stores internationally. As a Beauty of Juliet extension provider, Beauty of Juliet shares the same mission with Faire, which is to help e-Commerce companies to manage their stores better and drive their sales.

This partnership is significant for the development of both companies and their customers as it broadens both brand awareness, opportunities and increase revenue for their customers.


We will be able to expand our service areas and facilities with the help of this partnership. The partnership business will actually reach the heights of success and glory because both firms are going to work hard on new ideas and projects which will definitely be the perfect one. Both firms will contribute their hard work to make this partnership a successful one. We have expanded our service whereby our customers can also be licensed wholesale operators for beauty of Juliet, making them profit from their favourite brand as a franchised business.

For any enquire regarding been a licensed wholesale operator to enable you franchise with beauty of Juliet kindly contact us through our Customer Service ( or call +44 203-026-1334.

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